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Boelter is Better for Roofing

• Highest quality shingles •  Complete roofing solutions
• New system or repairs • Storm damage inspections
• We work with insurance companies


roof repair near me


Being proactive in getting a leaking roof permanently repaired can help avoid serious issues that could lead to structural damage. When considering a repair, think about the age of your roof, the condition of all roofing components, and whether you plan to sell your house in the near future. Storm damage like hail and high winds can wreck your roofing system. Look for signs of storm damage once the weather calms down. Check for missing shingles, fascia and the condition of exhaust pipes, valleys and outer edges. Also inspect your attic for leaks. If you do see damage put a call into your homeowner’s insurance agent so he or she can determine if you should file a claim. Take pictures of the damage and keep receipts of any work you perform yourself, like covering a hole in the roof.

roof inspection near me


Boelter provides free roof inspections near Mankato and Southern Minnesota and Northern Iowa. One benefit of scheduling a “peace of mind” type of roof inspection every one or two years is the ability to catch potential roofing problems before they become bigger. It’s also helpful to get a professional estimate of how much useful life your roof might have left. Here are common components of a roofing inspection: 1. Overall appearance of the roof, both exterior and interior. This will indicate whether there’s surface deterioration or any physical damage. 2. Evidence of ceiling cracks and leaks. 3. Condition of fascia, gutters and drains, skylights, chimneys and vents. 4. Curled, broken or missing shingles. 5. Areas where water may collect, like roof valleys. 6. Damaged or missing flashing points.

roofing replacement near me


roofing maintenance


Even though everyone eventually needs to replace their roof, there are several roof maintenance near Mankato tips for shingle roofs you can use to delay the need for roof replacement. 1. Check your shingles on a regular basis to check for missing or ripped shingles. 2. Get a professional roof inspection. 3. Look for leaks in your attic and ceiling. 4. Wash your roof. 5. Clean your gutters. 6. Trim any overhanging branches.

Before you replace your aging or damaged roof, it is important to have a roofing company or inspector take a look and make the proper recommendations. A roofing project typically involves removing the existing shingles, making spot repairs to the underlying shingle, and installing new shingles. When you’re getting an estimate, it’s important to know they’re going to quote you on a “per square” basis. For these projects, 100 square feet is considered a roofing square.

Owens Corning

Boelter is a preferred roofing contractor
for Owens Corning Asphalt Shingles.

Patented SureNail® Technology from Owens Corning features a wide, highly visible engineered fabric strip in the nailing area for a consistent, quality installation, and the unique product design provides outstanding gripping power. All Owens Corning asphalt roofs we install offer a 50 year non-prorated warranty. There are many different choice options for the homeowner; Duration, Designer, Storm, Flex, and more. Each shingle will give your roof a unique look.

Owens Corning asphalt shingles are the only shingle manufacturer that use the SureNail® Technology on their shingles. At Boelter, we agree that it is the best shingle on the market today.

  • SureNail® Technology

  • 50-year non-prorated warranty

  • Wind warranty

SureNail Technology
Women's Choice Award
Owens Corning Asphalt Shingles
DESIGNEyeQ Visualization Tool

Get a real picture of how your new roof will look before you purchase. Our Design EyeQ visualization software lets you upload a picture of your home and "try on" new roof colors. When you’re done, you can print the picture for reference, share it via social media, or send it Boelter Window, Siding & Roofing for an estimate.

stone coated roofing
Roofing in Mankato
United Steel Stone Coated Roofing in Mankato

Unified Steel – Stone Coated Roofing

Boral Steel – Stone Coated Roofing offers five distinct profiles that will enhance the curb appeal and value of any home while providing durability, performance and protection that will last.

  • Energy Efficient

  • Hurricane Wind Performance Rated

  • 50-Year Limited Warranty

Boelter is the best roofing company in the Mankato area.

Boelter has been a preferred roofing company in Mankato since 1994. We offer a variety of roofing products & styles, including the highest quality steel or metal roofing systems and asphalt shingles.  If you're looking for a qualified roofing contractor, Boelter is always better! We offer the best warranties, customer service, and pricing on every project. We can help you pick the perfect shingles for your roof to protect and beautify your home. Call for a free roof estimate today. Let us show you why for the best roofing products and service, Boelter is better!

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