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A home’s doors and windows are an essential element of the appeal, energy efficiency, and security of a home. Having it maintained properly will allow the windows to be able to appear more appealing. They can also last for a longer time and perform so much better. At Boelter we discuss the importance of making sure that the window will be in the best condition for your home. We also provide advice on maintenance.

Products We Offer

Lindsay Pinnacle Windows


We are the exclusive contractor in Southern MN for Lindsay Pinnacle Windows near Mankato. Since 1947, Lindsay Window & Door has been manufacturing top-tier replacement windows that offer not only exceptional thermal efficiency but also a beauty that is unparalleled by other options on the market.​

  • Elegant styling

  • Energy efficient

  • Lifetime warranty



ProVia Windows


ProVia Windows near Mankato has developed a reputation within the vinyl replacement window industry for developing the best vinyl windows – ones that provide a high degree of customization combined with outstanding quality and energy efficiency.

  • Weather protection

  • Energy efficient

  • Noise reduction

  • Lifetime Warranty

Pella Windows


Pella products near Mankato offer energy-efficient options that will meet or exceed ENERGY STAR® certification in all 50 states,* which offer the added benefit of lower heating and cooling costs. with our ENERGY STAR® certified products. We are the exclusive contractor to sell their Lifestyle series, the #1 performing wood window and patio door.  ​

  • Noise reduction

  • Energy efficient

  • Limited lifetime warranty

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Options for Window & Door Replacement

You may be searching for high quality patio doors and windows to replace what you have on your home. For this, check out Lindsay Pinnacle Vinyl Windows! They have been manufacturing doors and windows for more than six decades. This company was able to develop a great reputation of satisfying customers and providing high quality products. They aim to provide the best available vinyl windows and doors. Because of this, they have lots of clients that are happy to say that Lindsay provides the best.

It has a design with a great architectural appearance that is state-of-the-art. Here are some of its wonderful features:

  • Foam that is inject for added insulation

  • Weather seals found at a variety of points

  • Super Spacer® TruWARM® edge seal that provides protection against the development of mold, frost, and condensation.

  • Neat Low-E Glass

Options for Window & Door Replacement

Steel Entrance Doors & Storm Doors

Entrance doors made of steel often have a wood frame that can hold insulation so they can be energy efficient. This steel has a finish of baked enamel and have paint in your chosen color. Since the core is energy-efficient, in can help in minimizing the costs for cooling and heating.

Steel doors near Mankato can be available in various styles from contemporary to traditional. A steel door of high quality is capable of lasting for a lifetime with minimal maintenance. They never warp the way wooden doors do.

The downside about steel doors is that they may have dents, the paint may chip or develop scratches that are hard to repair which could lead to rust. Despite that, they are the ones that are most secure. However, they are less expensive compared to the wooden doors.

Fiberglass Entrance Doors & Storm Doors

The latest options for the front door is fiberglass. People create this by using composite materials. It has a pattern that is grainy which appears similar to wood. They can also come in a smooth finish that you may have stained or painted in your chosen hue.

This kind of door has a core that is energy-efficient. It can provide assistance in lowering the cost of cooling and heating. Aside from that, they require minimal maintenance because they never deteriorate, warp, rot, and rust over time.

It can still be possible for fiberglass doors near Mankato to have dents or scratches. Yet, it may generally be less compared to the steel or wooden doors. The prices may also vary as this could depend on the options and sizes that you choose. 

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