What You Should Know

Premium quality materials for a lifetime of hassle-free performance.

Not all vinyl windows are created equal. Low-grade PVC can bend, bow and discolor. That’s why Lindsay windows are made from our high quality New GenerationTM vinyl-the strongest, most advanced material we could find. Specially formulated uiPVC (polyvinyl chloride), New Generation vinyl withstands harsh weather and wear-and-tear better, with through-and-through color to resist the appearance of scratching and look like new for years to come.

Superior manufacturing methods ensure superior strength.

Most windows are held together with staples or screws and caulk that can loosen or weaken over time. But Lindsay sashes and frames are pinch fusion welded —
an advanced technique that permanently fuses all four sides together into a single weather-tight unit, guaranteed to stay strong and square for the life of the window.
And instead of metal reinforcements which conduct heat and cold, Lindsay double-hung windows feature InterForce IITM high-performance internal fiberglass
reinforcements for added strength, security and energy efficiency.

Painstaking attention to detail resembles the traditional look of handcrafted wood windows, from coved molding and
glazing bead to narrow sight lines.

The Frame & Sash

All vinyl windows are not created equal (but they can look the same)

Low Price


High Price

Regrind / scrap
Mechanically fastened
Thin walls
Open hollows
Not multi-chambered
Can warp or yellow
Old technology
Limited glass options


Uses PVC
Some are welded
Single point welding
Mechanical sash or
Mechanical frame
Improved wall thickness
Limited glass options
Can’t carry weight of triple- glazing


Uses PVC
All are typically welded
More vinyl
Thicker walls
Thicker frames
Multi-chambered design
Aluminum or steel reinforcement
Energy savings options


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