Energy Efficient Windows

According to the U.S. Department of Energy and H.U.D.  Glass comparison

  • 70% of your heating dollars, and
  • 46% of your air-conditioning dollars are lost through windows and doors


Independent tests prove Lindsay windows perform significantly better than the industry standard for vinyl insulating glass windows and much better than many wood or vinyl brands. That’s because Lindsay windows feature the very best in thermal efficiency and technology, including:





Patented* R-Core® Insulation

The R-factor (insulation value) per linear inch of a Lindsay window frame is seven times greater than that of an ordinary vinyl frame. The secret is our patented R-Core insulation – a high-density solid-polyurethane insulation, like the kind used in many refrigerator and freezer doors.

*U.S. Patent Number 4,516,356

Warm-edge Intercept® Glass Spacer System

This advanced insulated glass spacer system virtually eliminates cold-spot corners, frost, fog and condensation. Like all spacers, it works by maintaining a consistent space between the two panes of glass to interrupt the natural flow of heat to cold. Unlike other spacers, Intercept is a continuous U-shaped channel that flexes as the glass expands and contracts. The result is a stronger, more energy-efficient insulated glass unit and a reliable seal for the life of the window.

Lindsay Windows Glass Systems

Lindsay windows feature the very best in thermal efficiency technology and your choice of five grades of insulating glass packages for optimal performance. Each system incorporates either argon (40%** denser than air) or krypton (190%** denser than air). These safe, naturally occurring gases help to block
the transfer of heat better than air which increases energy efficiency, adds protection from the sun’s damaging rays, and helps to deaden sound.

Enhanced Protection

UV energy is the primary component responsible for fading of furnishings and overall deterioration
of fabric quality. The more a window product can reject or absorb of the suns UV energy, the longer the life and quality of the furnishings being protected. The Low-E coatings in Hi R+Plus or Maxuus 10 helps to block this harmful UV energy.


The Great Lakes Lindsay window was designed with Quality in Mind, but don’t just take our word on it, let the product certification speak for itself. Lindsay Pinnacle windows with a Low-E argon or krypton glass package meet The Department of Energy’s ENERGY STAR requirements for your region. The ENERGY STAR Window Program is a voluntary partnership between the U.S. Department of Energy and participating window manufacturers. ENERGY STAR performance requirements are tailored to fit the energy needs of the country’s 4 different regions — Northern, North/Central, South/Central and Southern states. Your investment in ENERGY STAR windows will pay for itself over time, and then the savings is money in the bank every year!

Lindsay windows ... good for you, good for your home and good for the environment.



"I would like to take this time and give you my opinion on the windows that were installed in the fall of last year; now that the spring has sprung and we made it through an awful winter.

The windows definitely made a big difference in our heating bill and compared to the existing windows in our home the great lakes windows never showed any moisture on the glass. My husband and I were very impressed. Thanks much." ---Jerry & Cindy